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The Lost Bluey Luscious Lure
A True Story By Greg E.Wilkins, Callaway, VA

What does a Lure do? It attracts. Luscious Lures do it lusciously.

What was supposed to be an eventful trip on Lake Ontario one warm Saturday afternoon turned out to be quite different thanks to Luscious Lures.

Monte Spencer, Greg Wilkins and the cruiser “Ol’ Jammer” and the crew from the Boat Doctors were trolling about a mile or so offshore from Olcott, New York. There were 6 lines in the water. Two on downriggers at 40 and 60 feet. Two on about 250 yards out on Leadcore line and two Dipsey Divers on outriggers. We had already experienced the tremendous pulling power of the Luscious Lures as they had out performed every other lure and trick we had tried.

The pinnacle of the day was not to be fully understood until many hours after we had returned to shore. We had been fussing and fuming about another cruiser that seemed to be following and crossing too close for comfort with us on Ol’ Jammer. I guess they were hoping to capitalize on some of our luck. Several times throughout the afternoon the shout went out “FISH ON!”. Of the 51 pounds of Salmon we caught, 75% of the strikes were on Luscious Lures.

This one particular time stands out in our minds and memories and the full impact of the set of circumstances would not be known until we had returned to shore many hours later. Here is what happened:

The line went down, the shout went out, one of us grabbed the rod from the holder and with a mighty jerk set the hook deep into enemy territory, (or so we all thought), one then grabbed the net, another grabbed the camera. We were ready to pull in another 20 pound King Salmon. A few seconds after our strike, we noticed that a fisherperson on the other cruiser “hooked up” as well. A few seconds after that it became clear that the two fisherpersons were fighting each other. After a tedious hour and a half we had untangled the lines, retied all the lines and got back to business of fishing. The casualty was the loss of our large, bright orange, Luscious Lure. It seems that the other fisherperson's line crossed all our lines, found the Luscious Lure 60+ feet down and grabbed it. After fighting some time, we broke our line and let her retrieve the Luscious Lure. We accepted the loss, licked our wounds and got back to work. Later that night we learned the “rest of the story”. We were all gathered round a pig roast sharing “fish” stories. Our ears perked when we heard a lady talking about the very unusual lure she found on the bottom of Lake Ontario. She said “it must be a rare antique” lure. That is must be “worth a lot of money”. She said she was already attached to it and that she would “hold on to it”. She was very fond of her treasure. When she learned that it was our lure, she looked at us incredulously, then gave the lure back to us. She did not even know she was hooked up with us.

The Luscious Lures really do a great job of catching fish (and people.)

Greg E. Wilkins
Callaway, VA