Dear Mr. Luscious,

My fishing partner "Jimmy" met you and purchased a couple buttons and a couple lures. We wear them with pride on our fishing expeditions and have had great success catching Pike on your luscious lures.

Last year was a record year in Northern MN for our fishing opener - we'd like to think that your lures had something to do with that. Though that is a great story in itself - I thought a better story is the one from ice fishing on Lake MilleLacs this year when I accidentally knocked Jimmy's cell phone down the hole.

I have attached a couple pictures as I am guessing this may be a new catch for the luscious lure even by your standards - she was a beauty - a 4.5 oz motorola!

It took the better part of a day building a rig to drop the lure between two holes. As you can imagine - it also took the better part of a bottle of Vodka and some beer too by the time we got done.

But when we finally lowered your lure to the right spot... I caught her on the first try! It also helped to have the AquaView underwater camera ;-)

Hope you enjoy - that sure proved to us that your lures are good at catchin' almost anything!

Kev and Jason "Jimmy"
--> Team Tuna <--


Kev, I tip my glass to you for demonstrating such skill and apt thinking. Yes, this is a first for a Luscious Lure, but it's just amazing what the ladies will do in the right hands! Thanks for the story!